Elden Ring: How colorful stones save my life and can help you

A few days ago, I came across a small reddit clip to Elden Ring. This shows how a player throws a stone into the depth and colored on the floor. Beautiful and good, I thought to myself, but what brings me that? The Reddit Post eventually revealed me and changed my life in the intermediate country. Because here the motto applies: small stone, big effect!

Annika Bavendiek
@ annika908

As an absolute souls newcomer, Annika has to open up a lot in Elden Ring, or just looking for help on the internet. Nonetheless, she likes to overlook things or is just too lazy description texts to read more accurately. No wonder so that she has overlooked such a useful item long.

All Memory Stone Locations Elden Ring

Case damage with rainbowstones test

Probably many of you know who play Elden Ring already this useful tip. But all those who have overlooked him as well, I would like to recommend him warmly. Because the case damage in Elden Ring is heavier than in other souls games.

What kind of item is it? The speech is here by the rainbow stones, which, as the name implies, lights up colorfully. In the inventory, it means you “create colorful light that leads you.”. This does not clearly close to the benefit.

Only the detailed description we have received only by changing the view, so can be overlooked quickly, it will be more understandable: “Can also be dropped to explore depths. The higher the sound, the more likely a fall is deadly ending. “

How do I get to rainbowstones? The stones can be found in the world or made of ruin fragments.

How do I test the case damage? How to see in the video of RedDitor Phatrequiem below, we have to put ourselves at the edge of the deep place, which we want to test. Then we select the rainbowstone (via the inventory or after assignment via the quick selection) and throw it in the depths.

  • The stone breaks and therefore does not light up, the leap is deadly.
  • The stone lights up colored, then he is still healing and we can die in the deep cars without dying.

In the description is also spoken of tones, but the lights of the stones is likely to be rich as a clear indicator.

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Since I was enlightened in the truest sense of the word, my everyday life has been more relaxed in the Elden Ring. Passing the times I had to estimate a fall of fall and have to take risks – at least on foot, because on the back of storm wind, that’s still one thing. But the little colorful stones have spared me some deaths since then and thus the frustration and loss of busbars.

More tips and tricks: If you want to reduce the case damage by the way, you should learn his skill for this. Outside, we have many more small tips on Elden Ring and a guide to the forgings for you.

What look for you? Did you already know this trick with the rainbow stones, or have you overlooked him too?

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