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Halo: Combat Evolved - Original vs Remaster (Anniversary Edition)
The anniversary edition of the original Helo game, _Helo: Combat Evolved, _ has arrived for the Xbox PC Game Pass and Steam, making it available for PC players. The game requires a quick update to add it to the available collection, but outside the update, the game is ready to play. A big question for PC players revolves around whether they can play a local shared screen session with their friends, or should they stick it strictly to keep it online?

Unfortunately, if you play Helo: Combat Evolved Anniversary via Steam or Xbox Game Pass on your PC, you will not be able to start a local shared screen session. An online cooperative gameplay is available. You can browse the set of campaign with a friend, but they must have bought the game so that their respective computer accesses it. The same case occurred for Helo: REACH when it came out for Helo: The Master Chief Collection in December 2019.

If you play on an Xbox One, you’re lucky. You should have access to the shared screen cooperative gameplay by simply connecting a second controller to your console and putting it fire with a friend. There are many fewer complications when it comes to running a local cooperative game from a single console than a computer.

You can play Helo: Combat Evolved Aniversary Edition by Helo: The Master Chief Collection. You can always buy the first halo play individually from Steam or the Microsoft store if you do not want to purchase the entire collection.

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