Skywalk, Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC 2022)

Inc., the Skywing (representative), from February 28 to March 3, the world’s largest mobile exhibition in the world’s largest mobile exhibition in Barcelona, ​​”Cut the Rope: Cut The Rope: Cut The Rope: BLAST (BLAST), “Exhibits a variety of works.

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Prior to MWC 2022, the Skyground has been officially launched on the Global App Store Market on the Global App Store Market. In addition, the Global Vaginal Game Company, which is located in Barcelona, ​​where MWC 2022 is held in Barcelona, ​​the Zeptolab and Skywalk, also strengthen mutual cooperation, and ‘Cut The Rope: Blast: Cut The Rope: Blast’ I decided to pursue various projects.

In this MWC2022, the Skyground installs the booth and demonstration space and introduces a project of various genres, including ‘Cut The Rope: Blast’. In addition to the puzzles and RPG genres of the puzzle and RPG genre that are loved by mobile game users, new and challenging works will also be introduced to the Story and Metabus sector.

With MWC 2022, in a massive world-friendly tube, the Social Metabus that realizes the metabus that can always be together with the “Project Mirror” project Mirror (Project Mirror), It will show you a variety of future contents such as Project Forest.

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