10 hot expected PS4

It’s the old game: you are looking forward to the release of a promising and highly modeled title, just to realize that it is a full disappointment. In the following picture line we show you ten PS4 games that went far behind your expectations.

These PS4 games have disappointed you

Often we disappoint games for which we build too much expectations . Chic trailer and violent media hype can trigger a veritable Hype , which we then expire.

But in some cases, the developers are completely messing up by alone by not holding promises to make serious changes, or simply deliver disappointing quality.

With the following ten PS4 games, the expectations of the players could not be fulfilled. Big disappointment is the result. Have fun with our picture range:

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How did you like our selection? Have the mentioned PS4 games also disappointed, or have you had a lot of fun with these? Are there games that we have completely forgot? Visit us on our Facebook page and wishes us your opinions in the comments.

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