BVB | Media: Haaland has “still problems”, but …

Borussia Dortmund has made Haaland for four compulsory matches (sometimes again). A large deficit like the 2: 5 bankruptcy against Bayer Leverkusen and the 2: 4 debacle against the Rangers from Glasgow. Before the next comparison with the Scots should now be hope for a return to the BVB squad.

The “picture” has at least published recordings that the hope of a comeback nourish. Haaland, who already completed team training on the BVB on Monday, should be seen at an extra layer with his offensive colleagues Steffen Tigges and Reinier after the unity on Tuesday.

Haaland should continue to pursue the goal of flying the rest of the Borussia on Wednesday at 11 o’clock to Glasgow, where the embarrassing 2: 4 should be forgotten from the first leg, it says.

However, the newspaper also wants to learn that at Haaland is not all around. The 21-year-old Norwegian has therefore “still problems with the shot and can not sprint properly”. Just for the game of the arrow-fast attacker a big drawback.

BVB catching hunting would fall with Haaland lighter

Whether he will sit in the plane at the end, Haaland decides to the report by the way “Final alone”. However, BVB exercise leader Marco Rose will not be a risk.

The opportunities of Dortmund on a successful force in Glasgow would of course significantly increase a participation of the national player.

At 6-0 against Borussia Mönchengladbach recently also the rest of the black-yellow offensive can be demonstrated, Haaland exercises on its own players and the opponents, however, once again a very special influence: The opponent of the Youngster must be fully concentrated With his rousing way, Haaland also whip the rest of the BVB not uncommon for better achievements.

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