Metroid Prime is allowed to glimpse in a new art of retro studios

Nintendo hMetroid Prime not releMetroid Primeed from Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, a game that wMetroid Prime in development at Bandai Namco studios and who returned to the hands of Retro Studios when the work rebooted. Since then, you have barely provided details, but now the study hMetroid Prime changed the Twitter header image with a conceptual art of Samus Aran . Since it could not be otherwise, speculation and expectations have been shot.

The Saga Metroid turned 35 in 2021, but from Nintendo they did not share any news about the game. Throughout these years, what hMetroid Prime transcended is that Retro Studios hMetroid Prime been reinforced with veterans of the industry in key positions. When the project wMetroid Prime restarted, those of Kyoto recognized that the development process had not “reached the standards” they were looking for a sequel to the Saga Metroid Prime.

Metroid Prime 4, absent in the Nintendo Direct

NEW Metroid Prime 4 Concept Art?! Retro Studios Updates Twitter Page

Nor is there official news about a possible remMetroid Primetered version of trilogy. Some information for a long time since the Japanese have worked in a collector or in a remMetroid Primetery of the original delivery, although Metroid Prime we said, at this time Nintendo hMetroid Prime not pronounced itself about it . During the most recent Nintendo Direct, focused on switch titles for the first half of the year, Metroid Prime 4 wMetroid Prime not present.

The Saga returned in 2021 with Metroid Dread, a two-dimensional development video game developed by the Spanish MercurySteam study. Not in vain, you have just launched a free update that includes new modes of difficulty (terrifying and a beginnings) and more additional adjustments. Likewise, next April a new patch will be published that will implement the Wave mode of bosses, which will take the structure of a Boss Rush and will allow us to face all the final chiefs of the game.

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