Crusader Kings III Royal Court: A DLC can

Королевский двор! Новое DLC ???? Crusader Kings III: Royal Court
Available for soon a year and a half on PC, Crusader Kings III is probably one of the most successful in the Paradox interactive games. He has benefited from a fairly remarkable level of finishing, while the studio clearly emphasized the main functionality of the franchise: push the player to tell stories by taking the role of a monarch From the Middle Ages, entangled in all that the time can contain conspiracy, intrigues and other manipulations on the limit of the propriety. With Royal Court , the manigans touch the throne room… and our wallet.

At the exit of Crusader Kings III , as for any new version of a Paradox interactive game, the fans all moved from a certain recoil side features. It is true that for the owners of the second armored opus of additional content, Crusader Kings III could seem a little light, that we are talking about religions, crop management, more exotic populations or relics / Artifacts. The studio never did mystery of his desire to propose what he now calls extensions, with what it supposes more rich content – and more expensive too.

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