Valorant will not get a new agent in Episode 4 Act 2

Valorant Episode 4 has made his nickname “disruption” certainly lives up. So far, Neon has, if not all of us have many, running around on the revised Bind or Breeze. And while we strive to get used to the fast new agent, plans Riot to treat us all a breather after we announced today that Episode 4, Act 2 does not come with another new character.

Regarding the plans for the second act of Episode 4 executive producer Anna Donlon says that in the next major update for the popular competitive FPS game to deliver the decision, no new agents or new card, based on the desire of the studio, to focus on the health of the shooter – although she noted that a new agent with Episode 4 act will arrive third


According Donlon are “many, many updates that aim to balance the agents, existing maps, promoting a good player behavior and an even better ranking experience,” in the works. Although Riot these things, as she says, constantly monitored and optimized Act 2 is clearly an opportunity for developers is to make drastic changes.

We already know you are working on, in addition Riots ongoing war against AFK’ers about what is coming decision, so we are excited about what the team can still come up specially for Act 2 otherwise. Donlon has already promised a community Battle Pass for the next act, so expect lots of fancy cosmetics.

The Valorant team has certainly not taken off the gas from the start, so a breather is now a great opportunity to refocus and ensure that the game does not zooms out from his hands – as a particularly nimble agent repeatedly zooms out our best Valorant crosshairs.

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