FC Bayern: Thomas Müller to England? The wildest rumor of the year

FC Bayern Munich without Thomas Müller? Actually unthinkable. But soon it could be so far – if you hear the current rumors heard. Newcastle United wants the German international. But he may want something completely different.

South of Newcastle stands on a small elevation a rust-brown steel sculpture. With mighty wings, the “angel of the north” overlooks the Geordie Land there in the inhospitable part of Great Britain.

At that time, the cost of the colossus amounted to around 800,000 British pounds or approximately 1.2 million euros in 1998. He should stand at least 100 years in the countryside south of Newcastle.

The work of the artist Antony Gormley belongs to the region like the Statue of Liberty to New York or like Thomas Müller to Bayern Munich. The 32-year-old national player should now be the visor of Newcastle United.

This is not surprising on the one hand, but also pretty amusing. What is Thomas Müller in Newcastle? What should Thomas Müller should the richest club in the world?

Earn money. Make a lot of money. The at least is the obvious answer and possibly the only plausible answer. Because: Müllering is the situation in Tyneside still trister as the eternal fog, which seems to hang over the old industrial city and is lit only through the lights of St. James’ Park, the home of Newcastle United.

Bastian Schweinsteiger left FC Bayern too

While the acquisition of the “Magpies” are blooming there by one of Saudi Arabia’s state, but rather from the country’s elite-recruiting investor group the world’s wildest transfer rooms. Ousmane Dembélé should come, Niklas Sule too and actually every player in the world.

But Thomas Müller is not “every player in the world”. Müller to Newcastle United is simply too absorbent to think about it at all.

Thomas Müller should change before. At that time, Niko Kovac, not Julian Nagelsmann, was at the rudder. In his modest kind, he had not only covered the veteran, which had been thrown from Joachim Löw from the national team shortly before.

And Manchester United prepared an offer as Manchester United is always preparing an offer when an interesting player is on the market. It had even worked before. When Bastian Schweinsteiger has not been a novel figure, but was a relatively freshly towered world champion, whose career was advised by the Bavarians in a dead end. But Müller is not a Schweinsteiger. While Schweinsteiger also defined his internationality, the room demonstration is known to be otterfing. There he is happy.

Newcastle and Everton 'interested in stunning move for Bayern Munich legend Thomas Muller' with the

Niko Kovac and one of the biggest misconditions

Niko Kovac had not only sawed Müller, but questioned the quality of the squad. “You can not try to drive 200 km / h on the highway, if you create only 100 km / h. You have to adapt what you have,” he had given the best before his release in Munich and thus for it the prize for one of the largest misalignments of the younger football history advertised.

First Kovac and Hansi Flick came and then began the incredible title year of Bavaria. A cornerstone: Thomas Müller, the tempo never was as important as the eye for spaces.

… and Thomas Müller’s contract expires soon

Mueller therefore returned to the starting lineup and two years after Kovac still one of the most important players of Bayern. He is always in the starting XI, he is almost always involved in at least one goal and to hear rarely on the court.

In the ghost game years he has established himself as a player-coach, whose commands halls not only by the empty stadiums, but also arrive in the minds of his teammates. He served the current coach of Bayern, Julian Nagelsmann, as inspiration when he philosophized about the introduction of Head sets for players to football to lift to a new technical level.

In 18 months will run from Mueller’s current contract in Munich. He will then be older, almost 34, and at some point is his time as a footballer. And if we are honest, we have to see the Newcastle rumor exactly this in mind.

“Whether it’s Manuel Neuer whether Robert Lewandowski whether it’s Thomas Müller – there are all sizes where you can tie the successes of the last decade and the current success of this club, all players,” said Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn on Wednesday. “It goes without saying that we go to exchange with all these players to understand what they have for considerations and what they want. Of course, this is at the top of the next time on our agenda.”

But unlike new, which is supposed to stand shortly before an extension and unlike Lewandowski, which flirts more and less offensive with a change more and sometimes, it has stayed quietly around Thomas Müller. The current rumors around Newcastle United are therefore only a small indication of the club. Thomas Müller is still there. And he belongs to Bavaria Munich, as the angel of the North belongs to the industrial region around Newcastle and the Statue of Liberty to New York. Stephan Uersfeld © n-TV

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