World of Warcraft: Update 9.2 “End of Eternity” will be released

There was last repeatedly rumors around the release of the update 9.2 for World of Warcraft (from 14.99 € buy). But the time of speculation and the puzzle rates is finally over, because Blizzard Entertainment has left the cat from the sack.

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As the developer studio u.a. announced on the official website, the update should appear with the subtitle “end of eternity” on 23 February 2022. Thus, you can start already in less than two weeks. One of the big highlights is, among other things, the new RAID instance “Mausoleum of First” counts, which includes a total of eleven boss fights. In the final battle, even the dungeon champion opposes you, you can ever make yourself of an epic event. But even the exploratory nature among you come to your costs, because with “Zereth Mortis” is a completely new area ready. It is home to the automa, which in turn are considered a builder of all things in Azeroth and the Shadowlands.

Incidentally, in the context of the update 9.2, the class sets also return, which leverage different bonuses depending on the number of parts created. In addition, innovations await you in the occupations, other mounts, the starting signal for the third PVP season and a lot more. However, the full patch notes are not known yet.

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