Lost Ark: Big streaming event for release

You currently notice at all corners that Lost Ark is released by Amazon Games in Europe and the USA. Similar to New World, for example, regularly give cool Ingame-Goodies via Prime Gaming for Lau. It is just as clear that Amazon will provide the new online role-playing game of SmileGate on Twitch a large stage.

Legends of Lost Ark

Specifically, a streaming event is scheduled entitled “Legends of Lost Ark”, which is to run from the 8th (ie punctually for the early enrollment phase, the official release is on 11 February) until 28 February 2022. In the course of this event, there are three teams from 20 streamers each representing their region North America, Europe or South America. For Europe, for example, Metashi, Jessirocks, Dalucard or Fextralife in the race.

In the course of the events, it will be for the streamer to collect treasures and master certain challenges. In the way they turn points and switch four ranks on Twitch Drops, from which the viewers benefit. In addition there are immediate rewards for the communities when the streamer successfully completing a treasure hunt.

Which twitch drops should there be?

You will automatically deserve any unlocked twitch drop by listening to the streams of the participants between the 8th of February, 18:00 CET and February 28, 09:00 o’clock Mez. The following Twitch Drops wave:
Lost Ark: These Twitch drops are waiting for you at the streaming event “Legends of Lost Ark”. Source: Amazon Games

  • Rank 1: Combat objects : Contains a commitment of the counterfeit of the regulus (100,000 silver) and an amethyst splitter packet (1,500 splitter).
  • Rank 2: Arkesia paper hat chest : This chest shuts off a (1) of the 5 unique paper hats of your choice.
  • Rank 3: Helgaia Companion Chest : This chest turns off 1 of 4 unique Helgaia companions.
  • Rank 4: Mount: Curiosity (Gold) : With this board you can quickly flit through Arkesia.

Asmongold Reacts to

Attention: The participants of “Legends of Lost Ark” can always only offer one drop, so keeping the leader in view in which you have learn who has unlocked the different drops. A breakdown of the goals, points and so on can be found on this overview page.

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