How to Beat Mega Houndoom in Pokemon Go – Weaknesses, Counters, Strategies

Pokémon GO coaches have work to work if they want to unlock access to Mega Houndoom. All players must work together to finish the MEGA Battle Challenge, which charges everyone in the game to help bring the total number of battles to 275 million before the end. If they do, Mega Houndoom becomes available in Mega Raids. It will be a formidable enemy to shoot down, and those who earn Mega Houndoom energy to power their Mega Evolution. What are the best ways to delete it?


Weaknesses of Mega HOUNDOOM

Mega HOUNDOOM is a dark and fire pokemon. It is low for fighting, rock, floor and water, which gives you a pretty good variety of choices for the raid. You and your friends can use a variety of lists to delete it. You want to avoid using Dark, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Ice and Steel attacks, because it resists these movements, especially those of the psychic type.

Pokémon to counter mega houndoom

The top three choices to face Mega Houndoom are Swampert, Rhyperior and Kyogre.

Swampert is a soil and water type pokemon, making it an excellent choice to eliminate Mega Houndoom. It will not be able to resist MEGA HOUNDOOM’s dark type attacks, but it can optimize against it the fireplace weakness and will not undergo too much damage for these attacks. He has a maximum CP of 2,974, an attack of 208, a defense of 175 and an endurance of 225. The best movements he can learn are the water gun and the water barrel. Unfortunately, the hydraulic cannon is a legacy movement, you may want to stick to it by knowing.

The next Pokémon you wish to have in your list is Rhyperior, soil and rock type pokemon. Like Swampert, he has no resistance appropriate to HOUNDOOM’s dark type attacks. He has a maximum CP of 3733, an attack of 241, a 190 defense and an endurance of 251. The best movements you can teach them include the Smack Down and Rock Wrecker. Rock Wrecker is a legacy movement, so it’s better to use the earthquake for its load movement.

The latest optimal choice of Pokémon against HOUNDOOM is Kyogre, the legendary type of water. It is a formidable pokémon, but difficult to capture, so if you have one, you must absolutely make sure it is ready to be available for the raid. It has a maximum CP of 4,115, an attack of 270, a defense of 228 and an endurance of 205. The best movements that you can make known include the waterfall and the hydraulic pump.

You want to complete your list with other reliable Pokémon to create an exceptional team to slaughter Mega Houndoom. Make sure you use Conkeldurr, Terrakion, Machamp, Tyranitar, Garchomp, Hariyama, Groudon, Kingler, Lucario, Empoleon, Gyarados or Gigalith. After defeating Houndoom, you have a chance to capture a standard with the possibility that it is brilliant.

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