Maple and Medium Dunpa sluggish, Nexon 2021 operating profit reduced by 18%

Nexon announced its 2021 annual connection earnings on 8th. Nexon’s 2021 cumulative sales were 274.5 billion yen (about 2,853 billion won), operating profit fell by 6% and 18% YoY, respectively.

Revenue by region, domestic sales fell 6% YoY (about 606.9 billion won), and China sales fell 9% YoY, 73.5 billion yen (about 7649 billion won) declined by 9% YoY. Here, the overall sales decreased by 6% on North America and Europe.

Sales by platform are 1,963 billion yen (about 2,40.3 billion won for Hanwha), while the PC Online is 1% YoY (about 2,40.3 billion won), whereas mobile, while Mobile is 78 billion yen (about W810.7bn), I dropped 20%.

Nexon pulled out the sales decline in Maple Story and the Chinese Dungeon and Fighter as the cause of 2021 earnings declines. Dungeon & Fighter China Services has fallen larger than the previous year, the average payment amount per person per capita, with sales, the number of paid users with sales. Maple Story did not seem to rise for a while in the third quarter, but in a year, we did not avoid declining. In addition, Blue Archive, V4, Kart Rider Rush Plus, the country of wind, the country of the wind, and the existing mobile game sales fell sharply.

On the other hand, when the 4Q08, Nexon’s earnings, sales were 54.3 billion yen (about W563.9bn), operating profit was 3 billion yen (about W30.9bn), respectively, respectively, decreased by 18% YoY and 81% YoY. Although the performance of FIFA Online 4 and the ridiculousness increased, the sluggish of the maple story is very large.

Nexon Owen Ma Hani said, “2021 was a year in 2021 concentrated the company in the development of large new IP in a steady launch of major live games,” he said, “It is a new growth engine I will pay for the power for.

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In 2022, Nexon is expected to introduce a variety of new works, including ‘Cart Rider: Drift’, ‘Cart Rider: Drift’, ‘Arc Radars’, ‘Hit2’, ‘DNF Duel’, and Mabinogi Mobile.

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