The Hamburg SV wins a bit like the FC St. Pauli

2: 1 against St. Pauli was as the Cup Crime during the week in Cologne the proof that this strongly rejuvenated team may not be the best squad in the now fourth second league year, but that she has virtues, which is in previous years In the decisive phase so painfully missed: will and resistance. The fact that the HSV was rewarded twice in a week in two major games, could have a signal effect. Because he was not so common in the big games.

The evil foremen that the HSV in the end no more played again anyway, in the field of endings has long been more solidified than believing that this young team can actually come forward – strengthen the victories in Cologne and in Derby the faith. And: HSV was even a bit of how many years of FC St. Pauli in these city duels on Friday evening. He was not the big favorite in advance, and he did not let go of a break residue, who had completely headed the game. A circumstance, the Walter strokes out: The boys have shaken briefly, but it was to be noted that they stay with them.

Progress and potential for improvement

He is not coincidentally, he refers to the head counter with the Sebastian Scholar after just under an hour the St. Pauli guidance had balanced by Guido Burgs taller as willing performance. This was exemplary for the overall lecture: The HSV, in the past always the great in this duel, always wanted and in the end maybe even a little more. The will, says Walter, is the crucial aspect, he comes from having a brutal willingness. That the boys want to develop and develop that we are aggressively against the ball and courageously with the ball.

In fact, significant progress is unmistakable, but also more necessary – this knowledge also brought the derby. Because the HSV was back to the break, nothing had to do with higher powers, but with negligence and imprisonment in the last third. We know where we come from and what we need to continue working. That’s why it was the right Point among the Friday that Bakery Jetta cared for the long-awaited derby victory: The Gambler is something like the symbol of the new HSV: tough, extremely willing, but also unchanged. That his degree on the 2: 1 was exemplary, shows what is possible with hard work. For Jetta. And the HSV.

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