Browners, New Advisor 4 Updates

Neo wiz (joint representative door, Kim Seung-chul), and the mobile strategy RPG ‘Rounder’ developed by New Gaps Co., Ltd. (Representative Lee Jun He) has updated four new assistants.

First, Isis’s assistant ‘Larger’ is the only patriotic man who goes around the world and Denis’s brother. Except for the few, no one knows his presence. ‘Polaris’ is an old priest who assists to El Dora as the assistant of El Dora. Unlike the appearance of gentlemen, he hates straightforward and harmful.


Lea’s assistant ‘CANCA’ does not have a normal faith between the magic of the denomination. After he built an indispensable desire in the denomination, he was a habit that he imagines. ‘Buddy’ is a tidal and martial arts teacher of the blaze. She admits the blades with excellent talents, but it has complaints about what they can not be processed certainly due to her weakness.

In addition, the EVE (Player VS Environment) content Demonic to defeat the enemies of the enemy, which has been strategically placed, has been extended to 75 floors.

A variety of events are also available to provide a compensation for February 10, which is here. First, when you complete the daily implication, you can get advanced items such as the Oral of the 6th Legendary Rune, and the ‘Legendary Soul Run’, ‘Legendary Soul Run’, ‘Legendary Soul Kanagawa,’ 5 Castle Skill Book ‘is a compensation.

The same period, ‘5 sexual advisor options’ and ‘advanced contract’, and ‘advanced contract’ are provided to the users, and from the 21st to February 10, Rune Dungeon and Rune Enhancement Cost Discount and Enhancement Potions Events Also proceed.

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