Inaros Prime emerges from Warframe sands on July 14

The moment has come, Tenn. Intros, the inhabited, the one who does not care about enemy levels or damage inflicted, receives premium treatment in Warframe. It seems that Ezra, that many of us thought was the next on the list for premium treatment, rejected in favor of the sandy boy.


Intros Prime will be available on the farm, or as part of the Intros Prime Access package on July 14. To keep him company, the Panther Prime and the Rarest Prime will also be added to the game. Panther Prime is more exciting than expected, the idea of ​​sending golden saw blades through the faces of our enemies is very attractive, and the Rarest Prime will add another dagger option for those who love this kind of thing. It also makes sense, because a common construction for Intros is a dagger construction that benefits from its ability to open enemies to the finishers, which can then cure it with the right construction.

The snares premium accessories package will also be available, with Attack premium armor, which is as beautiful and Egyptian inspired as Intros itself. You can also get the Cactus Prime Santana and credit and affinity boosters in the accessory pack. Intros Premium will be, hopefully, even harder to kill than the standard version, because the difficult mode that is profound promises to give it an Arena where it can really shine.

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