Mushroom Wars 2: 7 Tips & Tricks for Getting Started

In this TIPS-GUIDE to Mushroom Wars 2 you will learn:

  • Why you should prefer the defense to attack
  • When is the perfect time for counterattack
  • How to distribute your troops to your bases

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The basic mechanics in Mushroom Wars 2 are simple: produces diligently mushrooms soldiers, commanded sufficiently big armies and take with them the opposing bases. What first sounds easy, but can convert in practice quickly in complex warfare .

You have to keep the unit production running, strategically conquering or keep important points on the map and gain a feeling for when and where your opponent attacks. And the more players participate in one game, the scary it goes on the battlefield.

We have put together for you Seven Tips & Tricks to Mushroom Wars 2 , with which you drive your first victories.

Defend is lighter than attack

In order to win a game in Mushroom Wars 2, you usually have to take all the bases of your opponent. You conquer a base by sending a certain number of soldiers there. How many soldiers are exactly that can be calculated with a formula. It is important that for a conquest generally more attackers are necessary as defenders .

With the same group strength is the attacker in the drawback , if he tries to conquer a building. You should take advantage of that. Especially at the beginning of a game, if you only slowly produce soldiers, it is not worthwhile to conquer with raw violence bases of the opponent.

Instead, tear neutral bases under the nail and let any attacks of the opponent shave for your defense. Failed attacks of the opponent are a perfect opportunity for a counterattack .

Troop thickness: How many soldiers do I need for an attack?

However, a good defense alone will not bring you wins, because after all, you have to conquer the buildings of your opponent. But how many brave mushrooms do you need for an attack?

Best forget the formula for calculating the soldiers for a conquest right again. This depends on to many factors like morality, the number of forges, the building stage and heroic skills. Does not make it too complicated and attacks something more soldiers as defenders in the opposing base.

And how do I know how many soldiers are there in there when it is not displayed in the game? Not at all. That may sound advice after a nine-luggage, but you should leave you on your feeling. The more games you play, the better you can assess how many soldiers need them for conquests.

The factors from the formula relates to lose with your attacks, without calculating with them . Does the opponent have no forging and little morality? Then a handful of more soldiers are enough to submit to him the building. Is the moral high and he has many forges? Then it can be good that you need 150 to 200 percent more soldiers to take a building.

Timing: The perfect time for an attack

One of the most important points that you should consider in Mushroom Wars 2 is effective fighting . For example, you see that your opponent collects all its troops in a base, you should not get involved in an all-or-nothing battle against him. You may fail and clean with a crushing counterattack.

Concentrate to you instead, to drive small victories . Does your opponent just shift troops from one location to another? Plant an attack on the opposing base, which now has less defender. Has the enemy just messed up an attack on your base? Puny punishes with a counterattack. Your opponent focuses its troops in the south? Calls its weaker bases in the north.

avoids long marches

You have collected a lot of fungal soldiers in a leg back point and are ready for a campaign? Perfect! Marched with your army but not even about the entire map , but distributes it to your bases closer to the enemy lines.

The reason: The longer your opponent sees an attack from you, the easier he can prepare for it. Looking at your enemy 200 mushroom soldiers from your farthest base, he has all the time in the world to enhance the base of your planned attack with soldiers. And you can only watch how your soldiers run in death . Cancel can not stop attacked.

Therefore, your troops always send in your forest bases before your attacks planned. The shorter the way to the opponent, the worse he can react.

Dish distribute evenly

The following tip we have already tailored in the previous one: distributes your troops evenly to your bases . This has several advantages: On the one hand, do not produce any soldiers as soon as a particular limit reaches. You want to avoid that.

Have you just no way for an attack, moves the soldiers into a base with fewer soldiers? So the formerly full base can continue to produce soldiers.

On the other hand, you can react faster to attacks of the opponent with a uniform distribution of your troops and request a practical support from anywhere. In some situations, however, a concentration of your soldiers can also be beneficial to certain areas, for example if you are planning a large-scale attack.

Towers and forging use

In addition to the troop bases there are two more building types in Mushroom Wars 2: Towers and forging . Although both buildings can not produce soldiers, they have other important skills that they should not do without.

Towers are equal to two defensive advantages: they have a higher armor as a troop base and they grab the opposing units in a radius . So a tower with enough defenders is particularly difficult to take, as the attackers are already decimated during the attack and fight against a higher defense. Furthermore, towers can help their shelling also friendly building in defense.

I can also produce any units, but give your fungal waters to Passive Attack and Defense Bond . Unlike bases and towers you can not upgrade. The height of the bonuses depends on the number of your forging. You will receive the maximum value boost if your has four forging .

Do not forget your hero skills!

Even if you do not see them in persona on the battlefield, do not forget that your mushrooms are supported by mighty heroes — in the form of special skills . The energy for the heroic skills is automatically charged over time. The whole thing is accelerated, if die your units with an attack .

The strength of the respective ability of a hero depends on energy costs. While crafts with low energy costs bring you only smaller benefits, the more powerful skills can provide chaos and destruction on the battlefield and even reveal lost battles.

Which of the heroes fits best to your playing style, you will find out best by trying out. At the beginning we recommend the hero Judo, which you already met in the campaign of Mushroom Wars 2. It has a balanced and useful skill set .

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