These are the richest Youtuber of the year 2021

Well-known YouTube stars generally earn a lot of money. For example, Logan Paul recently could afford a few Pokémon maps for three and a half million US dollars (about three million euros), which turned out to be fake in retrospect.

Who are the richest YouTuber?

The Forbes page recently published your list of richest YouTuber of the year 2021. At the top, Jimmy Mr Beast Donaldson . The YouTuber has probably earned about 47 million euros last year, a large part of this should have been generated by Mr Beast Burger.

In the second place is Jake Paul with scarce $40 million taken in 2021. Whole 35 million euros Therefore, the YouTuber received allegedly through its various boxing matches, the remaining 5 million euros from its actual YouTube channel.

  1. MR BEAST — 47 million euros
  2. Jake Paul — 39.5 million euros
  3. Multiplier — 33 million euros
  4. Rhett and Link — 26 million euros

5. UNSEPARABLE — 25 million euros
6. Nasty — 24 million euros
7. Ryan Kanji — 23.5 million euros
8. Dude Perfect — 17.5 million euros
9. Logan Paul — 15.5 million euros
10. Preston Agreement — 14 million euros

Compared to the year 2020, the Channel Ryan Kanji channel is slipped from the first to the last place, large names like Jeffree Star have also disappeared from the list.

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