Five Corona Falls Werder also says training camps

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CBC News: The National | Quebec curfew, Back to school, COVID Olympics

The test series on Sunday have produced five positive results. In addition, the club expects further positive cases in the next few days. That’s why Welder has decided to cancel the trip to Murcia. Nicolas Fuller, Manuel Mom, Milos Veljkovic and Marco Fried are the affected players. The quartet wise no symptoms. In addition, Mitchell Weiser and Realist Trainer Marcel Abandon are tested positively. After the positive results of Sunday morning, the decision was alternative. The risk that there are other positive cases in the next few days is given. Also, with a view to the joint flight with FC St. Pauli, we had to act responsibly, managing director Frank Baumann is quoted. We will test the entire team daily again and prepare for the residual season in Bremen. The quick tests that the players have made in the last few days have not expressed this result.

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