TIMESPLITTERS REWIND The Fan project is still alive and tells us news about a special video

TimeSplitters Rewind Update - State of Rewind, Content Updates, Familiar Faces - December 2021

We had almost forgotten about Timesplitters Rewind, since its development is being long. We remind you that it is a project made by fans of the famous shooter, which was born in 2012. Almost ten years later, they still continue to work on it, but now they update their progress on video. Specifically, this update teaches the news of the special effects, weapons and the different multiplayer modes that will have, in a footage of almost 10 minutes. This fan project will also have a campaign mode, from which they also give some clue, and serve to pay tribute to the wanderings of the charismatic courtship. We also remember that, finally, a few months ago the development of a new delivery of the Timesplitters saga was confirmed, after years in the forgetting drawer. It is being developed by Dam buster Studios, a team that was born from the ashes of Free Radical Design, authors of the original work. Although we are still lacking more details

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