More than fifty developers accredited in Metroid Dread have left Mercurysteam since the launch

More than 50 workers accredited in Metro id Dread have left their positions at MercurySteam. The data has collected the Reddit U / Fed Federico user using the LinkedIn accounts of the different professionals as a source. As we can see in the shared image in the game subnet, the production, art and animation departments have been the most affected, in addition to all the additional developers who collaborated in different parts of the project. Within the high profile developers, the march of the art director Jorge Benefit Chicago is remarkable, after spending more than a decade in the company.

Some Metroid Dread Developers Are Frustrated By MercurySteam Leaving Them Out of the Credits

Posted on October 8, Metro id Dread has become one of the most remarkable launches of last year. In addition to taking the award to the best action game and adventures in the Game Awards this year, the title has been cast several lists of the best of the year, being one of the games most completed by Howlongtobeat users. However, the publication came accompanied by several controversies related to the lack of accreditation necessary to the developers involved and the painful conditions that had to face in their workplace.

Since then, Mercury steam has closed a deal with 505 games to publish his next game, a dark fantasy RPG in third person who is already being developed under the Project Iron key. Although details on this new game have not yet been shared, we do know that it will be multiplatform and that has received a financing of 27 million euros by the Italian company.

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