Arad Senki Fighting Fighting DNF Duel System Videos 1st Technique Japanese Voice Actor Released

Korea’s People has released HP system videos and technics as new information on the battle fighting DNF Duel under joint development with Ark System Works.

In the video, HP is introduced as the first system description.

In this work, there are two types of HP white damage and red damage, white damage is no longer / guarded, red damage does not recover natural.. To defeat the other party, it is necessary to attack with red damage.

In addition, it can be confirmed that only white damage occurs when the image is guarded and both white and red occur during hit. (YouTube’s English Subtitle Videos here.)

Furthermore, the technical table of the more than 10 characters is released here. The Japanese version of the Japanese version of the Japanese version is also written that each character’s voice actor is written, and the following people have played by Japanese speech.

DNF Duel appearance voice actor list (honorific abbreviation)

Berserker: Ito Yuma
Historic Experts: Nakamura Bike
Grapple: Takashi Such
Striker: File
Ranger: Minima Minor
Hitman: Hazard His
Dragon Night: Nakamura EBI
Hangar: Condo
Heinrich: Yamamoto hope
Crusader: Asama

DNF Duel that supports rollback net codes that reduce lugs will be released in the future with PC and PS5 / PS4. Other console support is also suggested.

The open beta test of this work for PS5 / PS4 is scheduled to be held from 11:00 am on December 18th in Japan.

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