MMORPG Avavel Light officially get along well with MMORPG Avabel Light officer service started by iPhone 13 PRO is also held Amazon Gift Certificate also presented to 10 people

Asimov Co., Ltd. is a new work MMORPG for PC and smartphone MMORPG Anabel Lite: Anabel Lite, common name: Ava Light) started from December 14, 2011 (Tuesday) and officially started In commemoration of iPhone 13 Pro, Amazon Gift Certificate Informed that a campaign was held for 10 people per million yen.

Asimov Co., Ltd. has started the official service of the new MMORPG Travel Lite: Anabel Lite, common name: Ava Light) for PC and smartphone.
In commemoration of the start of official service, the iPhone 13 Pro holds a campaign that hits one person. Furthermore, Amazon Gift Certificate 1,000 yen will also be presented to 10 people.

[Download URL]

Google Play: HTTPS: // ID = com.Asimov.Anabel lite App Store: HTTPS: // PC:

iPhone 13 Pro chance to get! Present campaign holding

In commemoration of the formal service, we are holding a campaign that iPhone 13 Pro hits. Travel Light Official Twitter Account (@Avabellite) is followed, and from the person who retweeted the target tweets, 10 people will receive Amazon Gift Certificate for 10 people.
Furthermore, from the person who achieved more than 2,000 characters of the character, iPhone 13 Pro will be presented by lottery.

[Target tweets]
[Holding period] January 31, 2022 (Mon) 23:59

Travel Light

Anabel Light is the main MMORPG in the main friendly community and cooperative play between users.
It is also recommended for MMO beginners, such as a gentle design that can easily play and sell equipment and items, etc.

Adventure Main Tower with friends!

The stage of the adventure is Main Tower where the different world takes place. Meadow, Snow Mountain, Desert… Variable A powerful enemy is waiting for a rich enemy.
Even if it is difficult alone, it is safe if there is a reliable companion! I can experience a party or form a guild, and I can experience it because I can experience it. Let’s aim to unity and aim at the top floor of the tower!

Easy development with gentle design

You can foster characters comfortably for a gentle design for level up. In addition, even if the game screen is closed, it is equipped with a left-standing system that can be collected. You can easily enjoy MMO beginners and busy people who are not used to combat.

GET weapons and avatars! Rice stall system

Implemented a stall system that allows weapons, armor, items, etc. can be sold among users. Because you can buy or sell charging items, you can get strong armors and fashionable avatars without charge.

Care your job freely for your favorite occupation!

Various occupations exist in different weapons and skills that can be acquired. One character can change to all occupations, so there is no need to grow multiple characters. You can choose a combat style according to your own preferences and enemies.

Game Overview

Title: Anabel Light (English Signage: Anabel Lite) Genre: Everybody gets along MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free: Android / iOS / PC Distribution: All World Angry Languages: English-English Official Site: HTTPS: //www.avabel Official Twitter: HTTPS: // Official Line: HTTPS: //

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