LOL Patch 12 1 Riot confirms when the update will arrive where the season will start 12

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An employee of Riot Games has clarified part of the future of League of Legends. The developer left in the air the arrival date of the next patch 12.1 in which it will begin next season 12, but an employee in charge of the releases of the versions has confirmed that the update will take place next day 5 January 2022. A date that, yes, is subject to not finding errors that prevent the proper functioning of the title after the premiere.

A key date for the future of League of Legends

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Although we know when the version will be released in which the new campaign will start, We must not confuse this date with the Clinical de Season 12. Traditionally it is considered that one season has begun when the qualifying items are unlocked after the restart of the ranges, something that does not necessarily have to happen when a version is thrown. By 2021, for example, Riot Games started the qualifiers three days later to match them with the weekend.

Despite everything, does guide us towards future events. All the great advertisements of Riot Games with respect to their plans for the beginning of the year should be carried out around that date. Perhaps with different videos that illustrate us about the progress made in certain areas (as in 2020) or with a great presentation in which we receive a constant bombardment with all the novelties (this was EN 2021). Among these novelties, the road map with the data of the next champions.

In any case, we can already give you a date to the version in which League of Legends will start and a preseason that maybe has been too extensive for the incorporated novelties. A patch that will athletimate the settings to ensure the future of the title and in which A priori will be introduced the new cosmetics already presented from the Ancestral Forest line and the expected Echo Firelight.

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