YouTube Scam Rewind

The YouTube annual review Rewind has no longer been produced by the people of the video platform since 2020. The feedback of recent years was just too negative, where you the dislike counter is now disabled…

Therefore, some YouTubers have made their task to create their own YouTube Rewind for the year 2021. Unfortunately, 2021 was the year on YouTube, in which many influencers have led their followers to put money into their new crypto coins or other Internet scams. YouTube Detective Coffeyville has therefore created a scam rewind.

The year of the Crypto scams

In 2021 there were some crazy changes in the stock market, in cryptocurrencies and beyond. There were widely discussed crypto frauds is such as save the kids and Redditors, who had a major impact on the stock market with AMC and Dogecoin.

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The scams, however, were a great deal of conversation on the Internet, and Coffeyville was one of the main persons who dealt with those responsible. Coffeyville has cut some clips from the Save The Kids scandal with the former Fazed members Kay and Summer Ray, as well as people like Logan Paul, Stevewilldoit and Akin Ross, to remember the largest scams.

Youtube Rewind 2021: CRYPTO SCAMS
Coffeyville has developed over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube and is the point of contact when it comes to the involvement of influencers in certain cryptocurrencies, altcoins or investments in general. Of course, he is pretty proud of his Scam Rewind and this YouTube Rewind 2021 parody could have been the perfect way to present his channel.


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