NEW WORLD Reaction to empty worlds first server

Amazon reacts to empty servers at New World and starts to merge first real ones. Let’s go on 8 December, then the European server Mari goes into the Realm Brittney about how the developers communicate in a current forum thread. A concrete time is already available: The merger takes place at 16 o’clock German time. Until then, there is no way to transfer to one of the two servers. Players are already waiting for the merges, the number of users of New World have not been felt noticeably in recent weeks, and thus the populations in the individual realms. To release the SMOG, Amazon had to open additional servers to manage the player’s tower.

New World: Low Server Population Is Literally Killing Worlds
Search for the optimal partner server

If our data show that the gaming experience has become suboptimal in a world, the team examines the causes and checks if a merge is necessary, the developers write in a FAQ to the server merger. A role, among other things, plays the population size and the general activity on the servers. Once the developers have found that a world should be merged, compare them with the other realms in the world set to find the optimal partner server. Among other things, fraction, gameplay style and language are compared. The fact that, for example, a US west coast server is merged with a realm from the US east coast, the developer’s information is excluded.

Server merger always on Wednesdays

Incidentally, you would not have to worry about your progress in New World (Buy €39.99) for your progress. Gold, items, Romania and Co. remain there. However, the world remains in the version running on the destination server — in the current case, Brittney. This includes, for example, possessions and contracts. In the FAQ, Amazon also informs that future server compositions should take place on Wednesdays to avoid updates and related maintenance. Whether the world in which you play is merged with another server, will be displayed in the game on Friday before the Merge.

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