Lost Ark Its creators specify the novelties new classes sex of the characters and more

To understand what updates and other new features have been the core of the work of the developers during the past month, the developers of Lost Ark have opted to regularly inform players on this topic every month.

So to be up-to-date on the next new one that we are going to find in the game in the face to polish its performance as much as possible, in this article you will find the official press release that details all this for the month of December 2021. And it’s not little!

Official statement of Amazon Games Studio

Lost Ark News| New Classes, Gender Options, 6 New Raids & More!

Heroes of Parcheesi,

As we approach the launch, we have an exciting ad about the initial classes of Lost Ark.

new witch class will be available for players at the launch of Lost Ark at the beginning of 2022. The witch will replace the conquer class previously included in our initial classes, and the invoked will reach Parcheesi at a later date.

Witch class

The witches exert powerful magic extracted from three elements (fire, ice and lightning) with spells that can inflict area damage. They can easily attack multiple enemies, which helps them dominate the battlefield. Among the skills of the witch are:

Incinerate: shed fragments of meteorite from heaven to inflict damage to enemies. Then, a giant pillar rises from the target area, throwing the enemies through the air and exploiting, causing even more damage.
Explosion of frost: The frost sprouts from the body, inflicts damage and causes the cold status condition, which reduces the attack and speed of movement by 60%.
Ice arrow: Shoot ice arrows that pierce enemies and inflict damage. It also grants the condition of ‘cold’, which reduces the target speed by 60% for six seconds.
Lightning Fury: launches lightning to attack enemies. It also grants the condition of shock, which inflicts additional damage.

Learn more about the witch and see some of her skills in hers action on the page of the Bruges class.


Our version of Lost ARK will still have 15 classes in the launch, and additional classes will be added in future updates. When working with Smile gate RPG to select the initial classes, we take into account the following criteria to ensure that our choice was balanced, with something for all.

new and family

Although our version of Lost Ark still does not have the 20 classes or more, we wanted to make sure we include new and exciting content, as well as your favorite things. The witch, launched in Korea in August 2021, is the most recent class added to Lost Ark. Therefore, we are delighted to share this class (and the essentialist class) with you!

A wide range of game styles

For us, it was important to include a variety of classes that corresponded with the many ways in which people play. While there are many ways to do DPS, we have also made sure to include several kinds of support (paladin and bard) so that support players can have more options at the launch of the game.

Classes with default sex

Since the first days of the announcement of the launch of Lost Ark in the West, we took into account the comments of the players about gender classes. While not all classes in the game currently have a male and female equivalent, we wanted to make sure you include those that have it from the beginning. In the future, Smile gate RPG will create more class equivalents with a predetermined genre, and we will include them in archaea in due time.

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