Self Token Interlocking Gamesville Hi Eulla Global Services

Gatesville concluded a collection of Global Publishing RPG ‘Hi Ella’ Global Public RPG ‘Hi Ella’, which was developed on the 29th of the 29th. This Agreement included its own token C2X (tentative) in hello.

Empire Token Update 26th November 2021 from Founder and CEO Dulla

According to this work agreement, Gatesville is a game that is a blockchain that is linked to the C2X token and serves global. To this end, we provide related infrastructure such as technical advisory and block body to switch to blockchain game.

Last year, the developer Alpha repeller is a collected RPG, which is a goodbye to the Hail, which is introduced through its own service, and it is a collection of 3D modeling complete and improves 3D modeling complete. The Alpha Republic is active in 120 developers who have developed Grand Chase M, and has created several new works such as mobile games using WebToon Suites Home IP.

Recently, Gatesville entered the final stage of ecosystem composition, which is a C2x block, through a strategic alliance with Terra Valence and its strategic alliance, which operates in the world’s 10th blockchain infrastructure. Self-Development New Development From 1Q09 Next year: AFK Reid to Com2us ‘Summers Four: Chronicles’, ‘Colossus M Kingdom’, PC Action RPG Critical Online.

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