PGC 2021 Weekly Final 1 Parking Victory Team KPI Gaming

Nikola Kovacs (born 16 February 1997), better known by his in-game pen names Nike, is a Bosnian expert Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamer for G2 Esports. He is thought about by numerous to be one of the very best CS: GO players in the world.

Battle Ground Global E Sports Competition, Pub Global Championship (PGC) 2021 Weekly Gaming (KPI Gaming) in the Weekly Final, won the Grand Final.

The PGC 2021 Weekly Finals held in Paradise City Plaza, Yeongjongdo Paradise City Plaza, November 27, November 28th, 28th, was held in Page 2021.

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This Weekly Final, American KPI gaming recorded 1 chicken, 68 kill, and won a total of 108 points. As a result, KPI gaming has acquired $30,000 in prize money and issued it to the Grand Final.

Since then, Korea GHIBLI E Sports acquires chicken from Match 1 and Match 7, and the KPI gaming and a fierce lead competition, but it has been scored in the second half of the second, and was ranked 2nd in the second time. The third place was 78 points of America Its (OATH), and the fourth place, the European Team Liquid, which recorded 66 points.

Korea Dana and E-Sports (Canada E-Sports) were ranked 9th, Gen. G, and GPL e-sports (ESPORTS) recorded 14th place and has failed to enter the top. However, as the top 9 teams enter the grandfinition of the Weekly Final Point, just three times, the potential to advance to the Korean team is removing.

On the other hand, on the 29th, 16 teams that failed to advance to the Weekly Final Finals will arrange the team to join the Bottom 16, Bottom 16, which will join the Bottom 16. From 17th to 31st, the 31st place will be introduced in succession to Weekly Survival.

The existing Weekly Finals teams will be launched on the second week-of-week survival that will begin on 30 days. Weekly Survival is a WWC (Winner Chicken Dinner) rule to apply each match chicken to the main fifty.

On the 29th, the Weekly Series Match, including the Bottom Tin Match, can be watched at the evening 7 pm YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Never TV, and TikTok official channel. The code that is released during the relay can obtain the winner forecasting event Pick’EM Challenge ‘voting right, and can obtain free EP (EP (sales points) in the twitch relay channel twitch drops, PICK & GO events.

The winner forecast votes and special game items purchases are possible until 6 pm on December 18, before the final game of PGC 2021. PGC 2021 item sales profits 30% are added to the general prize.

PGC 2021, including battleground e-sports information, can be found on the official homepage.

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