Wow Classic Realm Herod is already overcrowded

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Overcrowded Realm Update & Layering in Classic Talk | World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard recently announced on the Warcraft forums that his PVP Herod server was massively overcrowded, suggesting players to choose another server or wait for delays on the day of the launch. Blizzard expects Herod to have a connection queue of 10,000 players on the launch day of Classic Wow on August 27.

Blizzard wants to make the classic experience of Warcraft more transparent than the one expected by the Herod server on August 27. Although the waiting lines were common in the debut of Warcraft, Blizzard does not expect many players to return to Classic Wow, which is finally a 2004 game. These first digits seem promising for Blizzard, but they recommend Herod players to choose another server. At least if the queue is too long for you the day of the launch. PVP servers are usually more populated than EVE and Blizzard servers even have a RP PVP server for Classic Wow output.

While private servers have been successful in the past, Classic Wow seeks to bring all Vanilla players on their exit. While so many people are already insisting on Classic Wow servers, it will be interesting to see how many people compete to kill voices or looting cactus apples on August 27, launch day. Although these early figures do not necessarily reflect the activity on the first day, it is certainly an idea of ​​the server to avoid if you really want to go from one to sixty without waiting too long.

To date, it is not clear if Blizzard will offer free server transfers to players on Herod, but on which server are you? Are you planning to play Classic Wow when launching Vanilla Servers? What is your favorite Warcraft memory? Let us know in the comments below!

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