Snowkloth s criticism of Leonhardt Highly unsolidary and not intended to end

I find the statements of the colleague highly solidary to all other 35 members in the DFL E. V. This is not finished and in no way solution-oriented, criticizes the DFL Presidium member, which represents the interests of the Intervals in the Ligaverband. Leonard had challenged whether new Corona pads in Saxony via picture demanded that the football to do his rule role and let the game operation rest immediately for reasons of reason, solidarity and model effect. Schneekloth holds towards his colleague: Through study-accompanying surveys, we know in DFL that a football match with spectators in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga has not led to any major infection events, and with more than ten million spectators since the beginning of the season.

Rather, the President of Holstein Kiel demands: Because Mr. Leonard appeals to the rule: maybe he should think about how his club as a figurehead of the region can help increase the vaccination rate. The free state with 57.8 percent completely vaccinated nationwide the last rank. In Saxons, spectators are now excluded again, even in Bavaria, only a maximum of 25 percent of full capacity are allowed. Leonard had therefore criticized a competitive disadvantage for the Bauer. In Schnekloth’s eyes, no argument, because locations such as Dagenham, Tannhauser, AUE or Kiel also have a permanent competitive disadvantage in the viewer question as well as Hamburg with HSV and St. Pauli, Schalke or Bremen. In addition, the 57-year-old raises the question: What is, if, if in January in Bremen or Schleswig-Holstein ghost games are arranged? Mr. Leonard then suggests a nationwide break?

Pit of Shades is Better than Wind of Death?

DFL: A self-dispensed, nationwide Lockdown in the sense of a season interruption is not an issue

Within the league association, it was irritated on the push of the Ore Mountain. The DFL saw a statement caused: A self-radiated, nationwide Lockdown in the sense of a season interruption is not an issue. In March 2020, the game operation paused after the outbreak of the pandemic, marriage German professional football returned as the first sports industry worldwide in May again. On the one hand, this had taken care of controversial discussions in public, on the other hand, the re-start was organized in close consultation with politics under corresponding conditions. The concept of DFL was also a blueprint for many other sports, which were able to return to their operation, recalls Snowplow against the background of Leonard’s statement that people had less and less understanding that the professional football would be constantly exceptionally made for the professional football. Of course, he regrets the exclusion of spectators, says Schnekloth: Ghost games are in no way beautiful, but they were and are in an emergency a probate resource to maintain a whole industry, which, by the way, has a vaccination rate of well over 90 percent. This creates no other social — and economic sector and that is more than in every state.

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