Bag PGC Weekly Survival 1 week 2 days Korea team strength

The US Organization One 2020 was the second period of the US Organization One. The normal period was scheduled to start March 27 and also finish on October 3. On March 13, it was introduced that the start of the regular period would be postponed up until April 11 as a result of the pandemic of Covid-19.
This delay expanded till May 10. The delay expanded for the 3rd time with the US, awaiting the alignment and clarity of a number of authorities before revealing a brand-new date. On June 5, the Organization announced a pro visionary return date on July 18. On July 2, the Organization revealed a changed schedule of 20 video games with a customized sudden death. Currently, only the two ideal groups would go directly throughout of the league, the weekend break of October 31.
On July 8, Toronto FC II announced that it would certainly not play in 2020 because of the Restrictions of Covid-19. They are still a participant of the League as well as plan to return for the 2021st season. 9 teams returned from the inaugural season, while 3 new teams entered for the initial time, the MLS reserve devices, Fort Lauderdale CF and New England Change II, as well as the Union Omaha. The North Texas SC returned as a protector champ.

Battle Ground Global E-Sports CompetitionPub Global Championship (PUBG Global Championship, PGC) 2021′ 1st week of Weekly Survival Day 2 results. In this game, the strength of Korean teams standard out.

24th, Gyeongsang, Inchon, Jungle, Inchon, Inchon, Jeongjeo, Inchon, Along, Leonardo, in Paradise City Plaza, a total of 6 matches, a total of 6 matches, the European Virus. Pro, Team Liquid, Korea Canada E-Sports, Ghibli Esports, GPL Esports and China’s 17Gaming We entered the car weak final.

2 days, the strength of Korean teams standard out. Canada E-Sports matched Match 2, GhiBli Esports acquires the Chicken of Match 3, GPL Esports, and the three teams confirmed the Weekly Finals.

Third teams, except for the 11 teams that have been established on the 23rd, the teams excluding the 11th team will enter the third day of Weekly Survival on the 25th. A team that earned each match chicken is further issued to the Weekly Finals on Saturday and Sunday this week. The team of the team will be put on a match from Enter Force.36, Japan, Japan, Japan, which is ranked 27th in Japan.

On the 25th, all the first week of Weekly Survival Match, the final 16 teams failed to advance to the Weekly Final will recognize the ranking of the Route Monday ‘Bottom 16’ and re-regulates the ranking from 17th to the 32nd.

All games can be viewed on YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Never TV, and Tie Token, and winner prediction events, twitch drops events are held.

Battleground sales related information, including PGC 2021, can be found on the official website.

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