CSGO Kennys returns to the server as a substitute in Nexa in G2 ESPORTS

G2 Esports made an adjustment to your return coaching staff after the runner-up in Stockholm. squad Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has German Jan Swan Müller as interim coach after the departure of Damien Male Marcel. The changes do not stop there, this time responding to an alien how competitive situation.


By publication in social networks, he shared Samurai the Serbian Demand Next Isotopic has Visa complications. As a result, it is very likely that he is not in Winter IEM tournament which is part of the Grand Slam circuit and brings together 16 teams for $250.00 USD. Esports G2 is one of the guests with Astral is, Ninjas in Pajamas, Faze Clan, among others.

Currently, the situation calls next have a plan B in case you can not return to Europe. Kenny Kenny’s Scrub take the available vacant, but as aw per. While there is no confirmation, you may Nikola Nike Kovacs take the flag captain, something he already did in his previous squad. Except these punctual, the template holder Esports G2 remains the same.

Kenny’s went to the idle alignment in March this year, allowing Audio Jack Jug returned to the ownership of CS: GO. Slowly, the movement paid off: the Samurai is in the Top 2 of the ranking of HDTV, below NATU Sincere. Your next commitment is IEM Winter, which will be held from 2 to 12 December in a double-elimination format for groups. He will play better against one inaugural TOO, seeking stay on top key competitors.

It is worth mentioning that the arrival of Kenny is not permanent : the team announced that next play again as soon as it solves the setback. Which may include subsequent phases of IEM World Winter or BLAST Final Premier. So far only promised to update news as they arise on the subject.

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