Bag PGC Weekly Survival 1st Day 1 Chicken Eat Gen G

PlayerunkNown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer computer game of Royal Battle kind developed as well as released by PUBG Studios. It is readily available in anticipated accessibility on Microsoft Windows from March 23, 2017, and also version 1.0 of the video game appeared on December 20, 2017. The video game is additionally offered from December 12th on Xbox One as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. It has actually been offered on PlayStation 4 because December 7, 2018. October 10, 2019, PlayerunkNown’s Battlegrounds Lite, a lighter and cost-free variation for players with reduced hardware efficiency.

The video game is additionally readily available on iOS as well as Android absolutely free given that March 2018 under the title PlayerunkNown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. A lightened version qualified PlayerunkNown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Lite came out on March 19, 2020, for gamers with reduced performance smart devices.
In 2020, PUBG Corporation introduces 70 million duplicates considering that its launch.

Battle Ground Global E-Sports Papers Global Championship (PUBG Global Championship, PGC) 2021 Weekly Survival 1 Parking 1st Radiation Gen. G was strong.

The game was held on the 23rd, Jungle, Jungle, Inchon, Inchon, The competition is participating in Korea, China, Japan, Asia Pacific, America, and European teams.


In the first day, five matches were held, and China’s Multi Circle Gaming (Multi Circle Gaming), who won chicken (1st place) in each match, Korea Gen. G (Ye), Asia Pacific Fury (Fury), America North OATH), TSM FTX advanced to the Weekly, Weekly Final.

During the Korean team, Gen. G was the only Weekly Final. In this game, Gen. G has obtained chicken at the end of each axis in the second match and confirmed the Weekly Fine. The Korean teams except Gen. G were dicked, but they failed to acquire chicken.

Teams except five teams that have confirmed Weekly Finals will play on the 2nd Day of Weekly Survival on 24th. A team that acquires chicken from each match is on the first weekly, Weekly Final on the 27th and 28th, and the empty spot is put on a 9th place in China Metric Road (Jericho Road), which is ranked 21st in the first place.

On the 25th, when the Weekly Survival Match is over, the final 16 teams that do not enter the Weekly Finals will take prior to the ranking of the ranking from 17th to the 32nd.

All matches can be viewed from 7 pm from 7 pm YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Never TV, and Tank official channel, and winner prediction events and twitch drops events are held.

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In addition, the winner prediction vote until 6 pm on the 18th, and sells special game items. 30% of item sales revenue is added to the contest general prize.

PGC 2021, including battleground e-sports information, can be found on the official homepage.

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