Pok mon Go Spotlight Hour today with panflam and EP

Pokemon GO will be held today, November 23, 2021, a spotlight-hour Chitchat instead. We at Mango show you on which bonus you can look forward and looked at whether it is worth this short event.

What is a spotlight-hour? In Pokémon GO place every Tuesday a small, one-hour event where a particular Pokémon is the focus. This spawns during this ramp light hours common in the wild. In addition, you will receive during which a special bonus.

Today, November 23, 2021, you will meet during the spotlight-hour common to the Fire-type Chitchat. In addition, you get the double EP in catching Pokémon.

limelight hour Chitchat — Start, Bonuses & Shiny

When does the limelight hour? Like every week, it starts again today at 18:00 local time. It lasts an hour and thus ends at 19:00 again.

What bonuses are there? In the wild-hour spotlight spawn during this mainly Chitchat. You will this monster so on every corner to discover. By smoke, you also can attract additional copies. In addition, you’ll get when catching Pokémon double EP.

Shiny CHIMCHAR Spotlight Hour | Pokémon GO

Is there Chitchat as Shiny? Yes, you can get lucky a dazzling Chitchat encounter. You recognize it at his pink body.

worth the limelight-hour Chitchat?

How strong is it? Chitchat is one of the Fire Pokémon 4th generation and can evolve over Papyri to Infer nape. With strong values, however, both Chitchat can not score and its further developments.

Especially in defense they are rather poor. But the perseverance and the attack are unconvincing. For use in raids and the GO Fight League they will not be suitable.

For whom the limelight hour worth? The ramp light hours worth today mainly because of the EP bonus. Who are a few experience points are missing on the way to level 50, now has the opportunity to farm some of it through exercise.

To attract particularly large number of monsters, you should also set a smoke. Using a Lucky Egg her your EP can also double for 30 minutes again. But Shiny-hunters come this evening at their expense.

Do you take today participated in the raid hour? Or is Chitchat not your thing? Like to send us your views here on Mango in the comments.

On Friday a new Hoop event starts, what brings you four additional spotlight-hours. Which monsters and bonuses ye can look forward to this event and how you get Hoop (Unleashed), we have summarized for you.

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