LOL The strange Riot and post collaboration to create Stamps of League of Legends

Riot Games is an American publishing and computer game development business started in 2006 and also located in Los Angeles, The Golden State. She additionally arranges numerous electronic sport competitions. The business had just one video game published for greater than 10 years, League of Legends, released in 2009 and also provided him all his credibility because the appeal he meets and also maintains gradually. Throughout the year 2020, nonetheless, the firm publishes Legends of Runeterra, Valiance and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

League of Legends has had all kinds of collaborations over the past few weeks. On the occasion of the release of Arcane Riot Games, it has joined different companies in the world of video games and has even launched a Burger King’s hand initiative. However, his last campaign has caught us by surprise, and it is a union with emails to create stamps inspired by three of the champions present in the game.

League of Legends is passed to the philately

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Due to nature something particular from collaboration, your ad in the past few weeks has passed something unnoticed. However, it is not the first time that the developer joins with the State Postal Service Company, which already gave up rights of his intellectual property in the past to carry out the launch of a prepaid card. Now the initiative is something more traditional, joining the philately with League of Legends to create stamps that reproduce the splash art of middle, matrix and Brianna.

The collaboration started with a limited roll of 750,000 seals grouped in sheets that contain six stamps each at a price of €9.60 for each package. A very good amount that tries to bring the philatelic tradition to a younger audience and is still available on the Postal website. Now, of course, for sale with greater eagerness of collecting that of use when sending postal mail.

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Although it may seem like a striking, Riot Games used to give licenses related to their intellectual property to different companies with the intention that they can carry out different products. We have recently known, for example, the distribution of strange dolls of action by a company that had managed to get permission to distribute them.

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