League of Legend fighting game Project L latest video released Release is still ahead

List Games has published the latest video of a battle-fighting game (code name Project L ) based on League of Legend, which boasts global popularity.

This work is a tag team style fighting game that operates using two different champions. In this video, we showed a few champion actions such as Renewal Art Style, Jinx, Darius, Audi, Echo. The game operability seems to be an approach that it is difficult to fully master what is easy to learn. It also has a Rollback based on the net code that added existing technologies such as Indirect, which is also adopted by League of Legend and Valorant.

Reacting To The League Of Legends Fighting Game Gameplay Reveal!

Although it is a book that attracts attention to the first fiction game of List Games, 2021 and 2022 release is not planned, and it seems to be ahead. It is assumed that at least two updates will be made next year, and progress will be reported early in the second half of 2022.

Our goal is to make ultra-high quality fighting games that can play for many years for many years. There is no intention to hurry.

The element for establishing the game as a game (such as the core part of the gameplay, the direction of operation, the direction of art, etc.) is almost solid, but create a complete list of champions, stage design, menu or There are still things to do, such as adding UI and creation of ranking systems.

League of Legend As the first animation series, Arcane (Arc ain), which was delivered by Netflix from the other day, is well-received, and the production of the season 2 is decided early.

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