Halo TV series New trailer during The Game Awards

The Halo Transmedia boss Kiki Wolf kill confirmed during a halo-video transmission on Friday that on December 9th during the Game Award, another, longer trailer to the Halo TV series is shown. This trailer should give the fans a very, very strong foretaste on the series, which should appear on Paramount + in 2022.

Wolf kill also confirmed that the internationally international series will be available for streaming, although complete details on the availability for streaming services outside the US have not yet been confirmed.

During the program, Wolf kill also said that filming the Halo television series was already completed last July after delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is now in postproduction, and the teams are dealing with the completion of the visual effects and more.

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Pablo Schreiber plays the role of the Master Chief, Natasha McElhone from Cali fornication is Dr. med. Halsey. Jen Taylor, who speaks in the games the voice of Cortana, will also play them in the TV series.

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