WMADID Chang Hyun Buk NFT and P2E games are global trends

At the reporter s conference at Lisa last year, Gang Hymn Book Lee said, announced two goals. One is Mir 4 Success, and the platform, which is a block body. And the current world has a meaningful achievement in two ways. Based on the last 14 days, Mir 4 has exceeded 1.3 million global concurrent users, and it was assessed that based on NFT included in Mir 4 overseas versions,

One year later, at the press conferences held at J-Star 2021, Gang Hymn BUK, in Gang Hymn, a member of the Gang Hymn BUK, the inclusion of the game, the injury of the game, and the spread of the Play to Earn (P2E) is a global trend, and it is not yet competitive, If you enter the great performance, you are convinced. On this way, by the end of next year, it is aimed at up to 100 games that are held on top of the platform, which is a blockchain, and listed on the top 50 exchanges worldwide. In addition, for the metabus that came to the metabus on the time of a similar time against the blockchain, it is said that it is a game, block, which is a game, block, and a cryptophyll,

The steam explained that the valve that prohibits the game containing the encryption and the NFT with the NFT. The Chang, said, It has been released as an existing version on steam, which is a favorable attitude on the steam side, and is not able to serve the cryptographic game on the current policy, and the associated function is taken. Since then, in the steam side, it was a high interest in our business model, and we have a lot of interest in persuading steam side. If you continue to talk, you will see that you will come up with a cryptographic game on steam.

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However, it is said that in Korea, it is expected that blockchains and NFT games are expected to take for a long time until they are allowed. Gang Hymn BUK, said, Korea is a masterpiece when the game reunion comes out of the game. I think that the game method is unusual to be unauthorized to the front, and it will take a long time to change due to the change of the purpose of the purpose of the Surgery. There is no social consensus on this because there is no time to start a full-fledged discussion, and it takes time to discuss. However, if you are ready to serve a block of blocks in Korea at any time, you will be in Korea if law and institutions are allowed.

In fact, in the domestic game method, the game is a member of the game of the game, and the Currency Exchange, which represents the item to cash, and the game with these elements is not legally a game, not a game, but gambling. Item cash transactions are only possible to a certain amount in the half of the individual transactions, and shall be regarded as a workshop that is legally prohibited to exceed this amount. There is also a reason why the game is not a rating on a game that includes a cryptographic and NFT that can be cashed, and the game is also in order to organize the position of these games, and in order to organize the position of these games, the law and system should be maintained in the parliament and government.

Finally, the Chang is emphasized that in order to succeed in the P2E game, the game should eventually have to make the game itself well. Mir 4 is a fourth blockchain that we have done. The three games that were presented were somewhat tested, but Mir 4 was a well-made game in Korea. I think that the economy is appropriately added to the economy, I thought it would be successful to launch the global economy. We said, I have to do the story of the game to meet the game developer. I have a fun game, and the game is in the end, which has been a fun game, and eventually.

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