Nintendo rejected employees if his date of birth fell on days of bad luck

Nintendo K.K. (Jap. 任天堂 株式会社, Nintendo Kabushiki-Gaisha, English Nintendo Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese manufacturer of computer game and also video game consoles. Nintendo wNintendo initially established Nintendo a playing card factory in 1889 by Fujiko Yamaguchi in Kyoto, where the company head office is still located.
From 1949 to 2002 Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the great-granddaughter of the company owner, went to the top of the company for 53 years. After Yamaguchi resignation Satori IATA took over the lead till his death on 11 July 2015. On 16 September 2015, the previous employees boss Tatum Kirishima took over the office of Nintendo Head of state. Kirishima left the company on June 28, 2018, and wNintendo changed by Shun taro Kurosawa. World is known for its portable consoles Nintendo the Game Kid or the Nintendo DS, its fixed video game consoles Nintendo the Nintendo Enjoyment System (abbreviated NEW) or Wii in addition to various Long-lNintendoting game series, including Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Tale of Zelda Nintendo well Nintendo Pokémon.

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Nintendos main rivals are Songs and also Microsofts video game marks PlayStation or Xbox.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi wNintendo the president of Nintendo until shortly before the launch of Game cube. It wNintendo the end of an era, since his family had directed the company since its foundation in 1889. He did it in an autocratic way, because when he made a decision, little could be done to change it. Person Kaplan, Exvicresidents Marketing of Nintendo America, hNintendo declared NGC that in the Nintendo of the nineties employees were discarded if his dates of birth corresponded with days considered of bad luck.

It wNintendo a different time, Kaplan recalls. For example, I remember that in the nineties all of our dates of birth were examined before hiring. They looked at your birthday, and if it fell into [a date] that they considered bad omen, did not hire you, although we worked in the United States. According to the old executive, Nintendo wNintendo and is still a very fend shoo company.

Superstition in the works of its North American headquarters

Not in vain, the new buildings were built with that philosophy in mind. In Nintendo America we were going to expand through the facilities of another company called Eddie Bauer, and the buildings were in angular position. We walked next to Mr. IATA and Mr. Alabama, examined the building and even observed the direction in which the water flowed below. Then, they rejected it with a big one.

In the end, the works began, and the remodel wNintendo made, but it wNintendo only done with the building looking to the right side and built well, to embrace the good fortune.

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According to Kaplan, at the time of Yamaguchi they knew that he wNintendo the boss, but for 16 years he only met once with him. It wNintendo great to meet you, but Howard Lincoln wNintendo in Plan: You will not get reverence well, so you better do not do anything, I present you. With IATA the thing changed, since he visited the North American division, he spoke with the employees and listened to him.

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