Gesta 2021 Pulse Bis next generation game engine subject announcement

This next-gen physics sim is like nothing I've ever seen
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[INTERNATIONAL) PULL WORK (CEO) is participating in the Vesta Global Game Conference held during the Vesta 2021 period Next Generation Engine Development Post Modem on the theme. The announcement is the Bis Lead Engine Programmer.

In this lecture, which is held in Beck co Convention Hall 201, the Vi scan Convention Hall 201, the various technologies used in the next generation of game engines, Pulse, and what goals are developing game engines, What is, etc.

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Part is a new red desert and scenes, and a light source of the engine applied to plan 8, and the overall contents, such as the light source, atmospheric, geometry, and physical processing technology.

Pulse is a high assessment in the game technical aspects such as developing its own game engine. The next-generation game engine, which is in parallel to new work, has the latest technology, including high quality graphics and multi-platform support.

In addition, ▲ realistic texture expressions and light source effects, such as high-level graphics ▲ Fast development speed is being developed as aiming for multi-platform support. Using the game engine to build efficient development processes and pipelines.

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