The crossed game is important for Apex Legends according to developers

In a recent interview, the Chief Executive Officer of Responded Entertainment, Dusty Welch, and the Game Director, Chad Greater, spoke positively of the crossed game. The team wanted to bring Crossly functionality to its successful royal battle title, but it still has not received the important feature. The developers mention that the crossed game is almost an expected functionality of the games now that Sony has removed it from their beta phase, so we can expect to see the crossed game on Apex Legends sooner or later. Apex is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC right now, the Old Ways being the latest event added to the online multiplayer experience.

I think that in Crossly, we see it s something that is expected from industry and is important for a game like ours, Dusty Welch said. Chad and I are obviously big fans to play our game at work and during our free time — and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play together, and we are on different systems. It s a story that seems familiar to all those with friends on other platforms. So let s hope that Apex Legends will receive Crossly treatment as soon as possible.

On the personal side, yes, we would like to do that and party on weekends. I think it s an important thing to reach. While Respawn Entertainment has talked a lot about crossed game capacities in the past When they talk about its importance right now, it could be something on which the team is actively working. It s certainly something we are aware of and which we are interested in. I can not say if we have had specific conversations, said Respawn Design Manager, Mickey McCandless, during a separate interview.. Whatever the developer representing Respawn Entertainment, it seems that they are all united to want the game crossed in Apex Legends.

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