Sega plans to invest 882 million dollars in five years to develop his super game

According to the annual report of Segasammy, the company will invest 882 million dollars in five years to develop its super game project, an ambitious online title that aims to attract a global audience. As detailed by the document, this budget would not only cover the internal costs derived from the creation of the game but also the purchase of several studies, both Japanese and international, which can participate in development. The report itself is mentioned that the purchase of these studies will be based on the way they can complement their current equipment.

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The way in which people interact with games is becoming more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially, we can read in the document, In this context, Sega wants to go beyond the limits of conventional games. And accept the challenge of creating super games that excite the video gamers community ». The company clarifies that this enormous investment is necessary to be able to incorporate all new technologies and trends in the world of gaming that attract a wide range of public.

In addition to the purchase of studies, Sega will use collaborations and agreements with different companies to accelerate the development of these innovative technologies. An example of this, indicated by the President and COO himself, was the strategic alliance established with Microsoft for the use of his technology in the cloud: I think we have neglected collaborations with other companies. Now, in response to rapid changes in the market, we are seeing many opportunities for collaboration with several business colleagues, he clarifies him.

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