New World loses players Mir4 gains A new popularity record

New World - A Response to the Fans (and more bugs)
Of course, we can complain that a large part of MIR4 players are bots, and the gameplay based on cryptos (and allowing to earn real money) is an extra fabric on people.

If, however, look at the dry numbers, MIR4 is in a fantastic condition. This is one of those exceptions among the titles Massively Multiplayer online, which gains players after the premiere, and not lose them.

Yesterday there was another popularity record on Steam. At the top at servers we had 88,000 people…

… And Mir4 was even in the top10 of the most popular games on the Valve platform in terms of the number of players.

The player s chart also looks as impressive from the premiere of the game at the end of the holidays. Impressive growth that can still maintain a long time. Because no one knows where the Mir4 border is.

MIR4 is Free-to-play Open World Asian-Fantasy real money. Available on personal computers and mobile devices (including full Cross-Play).

You play here.

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