Craftone Battle Ground E Sports Choi Gang PGC 2021 Details

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\ – From November 19 to December 19, 32 teams in the world in the form of on-offline combinations

\ – Total prize $ 2 million + Pick EM Challenge item sales revenue payment of 30% professional team

Introducing SUPER Point Ranking System from PGC 2021

The Craftone s Pub s Studio has released the details of the Pub Global Championship (PGC) 2021, Pub Global Championship (PGC) 2021.

PGC 2021 is a form that combines on-offline from Paradise City Plaza located in Incheon Youngjongdo, from November 19 to December 19th to December 19th. 32 teams of the world, including Asia (12 teams), Asia Pacific (6 teams), Europe (8 teams), and America (6 teams), Place the honor and spread the confrontation.

All teams except China, which are difficult to participate in offline, participate in offline competitions in Korea.

In Korea, five teams, such as Zenge, Dana, E Sports, E-BA E Sports, Mad Clan, and Ziel e Sports, are participating.

The PGC 2021 is awarded ▲ ▲ Ranking Crystal (until 21st to November 19), ▲ 3-week Weekly Series (November 12th to December 12) (from November 23) and ▲ Grand Survival and Grand Final (December 16 to 19 It is constructed and proceeded. First, it determines the top 16 teams to participate in Week1 s Weekly Survival through 18 Matches.

The Weekly Series proceeds to Weekly Survival and Weekly Final. A team that acquires chicken from the 16 Weekly Survival Matches, which is spreading every Tuesday from Thursday to Thursday, is directly on the Weekly Final. The empty spot of the remaining Weekly Survival is 17th, 18th, and the sub-team, etc., will be filled in sequentially.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the Weekly Finals will proceed. The winning team of the Weekly Final is automatically advanced to the Grand Final (from December 17th to 19). The team participated in the Weekly Final is rejected to rejo to the Borrower Weekly Survival, and the 16 teams that did not play on the Weekly Final will re-regulate the lower team rankings through Monday 6 Match.

At the end of the Weekly Series, the upper 9 teams of Weekly Final Cumulative Points will further advance to the Grand Final. After that, the remaining teams will have the last opportunity to join the Grand Final through the Grand Survival on December 16th. Three days from December 17th to 19th, the Grand Finals for the third day of the ranking points and killpoints are the highest teams of PGC 2021.

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Craftone is actively accepting the opinions of fans and professional teams around the world, and introduces a ranking system of existing Super Points since PGC 2021. Accordingly, all the games of the Weekly Final and Grand Finals in PGC 2021 are given a rank point according to the match rank, and a kill point according to the number of kilometers.

Total prize $ 2 million dollars, each week, Weekly Final Winning Prize and Grand Final Prize, as well as a player who recorded its maximum killer, and a team that enhanced the most impressive team and a team with a team,, I will pay $ 20,000. Here, 30% of the item sales revenue from the winner forecast event Pix Dem Challenge is allocated to the professional team, and the total prize money will be greater.

Craftone plans to strictly comply with the Corona s 19-membered criteria presented by the state and municipalities. Through prayer, stadiums, PCR inspection, etc. will be used as a top priority through priority, stadium, and PCR testing.

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