WMADID JASTO 2021 B2B Booth Public

Wemade participates in the Gesta 2021 B2B exhibition hall that is held in Busan Bacco for 5 days from November 17th to 21st.

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WMADID is a business and investment consultation for domestic and overseas partners and a WMIS onboard partnership.

Welcome to EPS Virtual SHARE 2020 Trade-show Booth

In particular, the WMADID is a policy to focus on the business for expansion of the Gimix ecosystem, aiming at 100 blockchain games, which is a block chain, The Gesta 2021 B2B exhibition hall constructed a booth on the theme of MIR 4 Global launches MIR 4 Global launches MIR 4 Global launches.

The booth entrance was expressed as a gate and Connective Pain, which is decorated with a recombinant gate that seems to suck into a virtual world. The entire booth emphasizes the wall of the block chain by decorating the wall with a radial line pattern that shaped block chain data.

Meanwhile, the wemade is thoroughly compliant with the defense of the defense and the best to create a safe booth space. In addition to performing regular entire diseases, it will only be achieved in the marse marony management, such as a self-examination of the first day of the resident personnel, and visitors management through QR check-in management.

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