Google tax applied since 2023 Corporate tax is also 15

Global detergent reforming plans to apply for more than 15% of corporation taxes and ensure tax rights suitable for digital era are expected to be exceeded the last gate.

The main 20 countries (G20) summit will approve the global detergent reform in the meeting in Rome 30 (local time). This meeting will be held for two days from 31st.

According to reports, G20 congregation drafts are the model rules and multinational rules of the detailed execution plan and multinational tools for the comprehensive implementation scheme of the OECD / G20 (for the OECD / G20) Requiring to make it is included.

In this draft, new rules must be fermented in 2023 to be fermented in the world.

G20 Summit Restriction Draft was a solely obtained by Reuters, and the major foreigners were reported once. This conclusion was scheduled to be officially adopted at the 31st meeting, CNBC said.

The Global Detergent Reforming plan is adopted in June G7 Liquids, and rodding. In July G7 Summit, we agreed on tax reforms.

After G7, the Economic Cooperation Development Organization (OECD) was also assisted to the tax reform. The 136 OECD Member States agreed on Global Detergent Reforms to apply corporate taxes at the meeting in Paris, in France, and to ensure over 15% of corporation taxes and ensure superior taxation in the digital age.

■ 25% of global large enterprise profits are taxed on sales of revenue

The global detergent reform plan to finally finally finalized at the G20 Summit is composed of Phila 1, which defines the taxation of Pilar 1 and the minimum corporation tax, which has a taxation over a certain percentage in sales areas.

In Palai 1, sales of sales could be taxed for 25% of the total profits of global large corporations. This provision applies to companies with annual sales of more than $ 20 billion, more than 10% of profit margin.

Pillar 1 has set the excess profit rate of the exceeded earnings ratio, and each country has made a heated airborne. By July 20%, 20% was tried to be in July, but eventually finalized to 25%.

The lowest corporation tax rate of Phila 2 was set to 15% as a result of the original plan.

Many controversies have been made with the introduction of the lowest corporate tax rate. In particular, the opposite public opinion of the lowest corporation tax rate hikes focusing on the European headquarters of global large corporations such as Google and Apple.

However, this provision also has a minimum corporation tax rate of 15% to further impress the future, and SMEs have been made in accordance with the introduction of correction provisions such as SMEs do not apply the new corporation tax rate.

Ireland, which was the biggest Ireland, is also 12.5%, to increase corporate tax rate to 15%.

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