Diablo Emo Global CBT Start Today

[Data provided: Blizzard Entertainment]

Global CBT will begin today (29 days).

The private beta is similar in the Australia and Canadian regions, as well as the last tests, as well as the Android platform. Korean Korean Private Beta, which supports Korean text and speech, is a separate independent schedule as well as last private alpha. Tests in Korea are scheduled to start in a few weeks, and details on schedule and participation methods are disclosed later.

Private Beta includes a total of six occupational plays, including the Code of Code in the new test, as well as a total of 6 job plays, as well as the changes and controller support.

A playable job was added. As a Code, a body, creates a meadle, creating a meadle, and to bring the enemies of the sanctuary and to the enemies of the sanctuary.

PVP and PVE related changes:

Diablo Immortal CBT Trailer ( android / ios )

▲ Immunics Challenge: The challenge of immortalists, which are 30s, 30 to 1 battle, in the bridges of the struggle in the championship-based PVP and PVV system.

▲ Battlefield Ladder: 8-to-8 Battlefield PVP system allows ladder to add, players compete against each other, test the ability, and to test the highest rankings.

▲ Set items and set effects: The set item, which is a new game system system, is introduced.

▲ Hell format: Now you can challenge the Hell s Children s Head Hair.

▲ Controller support: You can experience the controller support in Diablo Emodat.

▲ Purchase in the optional game: In private beta, the private beta listen to the value of valuable feedback from the community and to test the relevant function in advance, and the purchase of the optional game is first possible. All players game progress data will be initialized at the time of a private beta, and all purchases in the private beta period will be converted to the corresponding game credit and will be available in the game at the time of launch.

In addition, many changes wait for testers.

Private beta will be tested for a few weeks to help players to experience the lateral content over a sufficient time for the purpose of testing a variety of game late content.

Details of the private beta in Blizzard Entertainment are available for details on the relevant blog posts. The reporting data for private alpha can be received from.

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