Ultimate is 1 900 Xbox Game Pass Price

MS will lower the Xbox Games Pass and Paid Online Services Live Gold Price, Global s Global Subscription Service. As a result of confirmed the MS on the 18th, it is also applied to the domestic country, which is applied to the price, and each service can be used at a lower price.

First, the Xbox Games Pass is for Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and PC, console. First of all, the Xbox Games Pass Ultimate will be reduced from $ 1,67,700 to 1,900 won a month, and the game pass for PC and console is 1,1800 won to 7,900 won. As of the month, the altimits are about 28%, and the game pass for PC and console is about 33% lower fee.

In addition, Xbox Live Gold Price, XBOX Paid Online Services, will be 7,900 won at W7,900 to W7,900. For this fee cut, the MS side explained Part of the fee price cuts in the world in the world.

From November, the game passes and live gold prices are lowered, and domestic users can also use each service at a lower price. The game path is a subscription service that allows you to play all the games included in the service without purchasing individual titles. On October 18, Baek 4 Blood, Destini Guardians: Below the light, Ript Breaker, and a better game, etc.

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