The PlayStation VR celebrates its five years with games for subscribers PlayStation More

To the extent that a successor is in preparation, Sony Interactive Entertainment would have been badly advised not to have a small attention to the PlayStation VR, which on October 13 celebrates the five years of its global launch.

First virtual reality helmet for console and first affordable helmet for the general public at the time of its exit, even if the Oculus Quest is today a flagship device in the difficult exercise of democratization of the RV, the PlayStation VR is Now a little withdrawn despite some recent and upcoming outings still put forward by PlayStation (cite Moss: Book II , After the Fall , Wanderer , Song in the Smoke , Bobble 3D Puzzle , Fracted , DOOM 3: VR Edition , Sniper Elite VR or Hitman 3 ).

It has been known however since the beginning of the year, Sony is preparing a new generation successor that will connect this time to Playstation 5 and introduce a new pair of joysticks. While waiting for more information on this new generation PS and on the games in preparation, the manufacturer pays tribute to the 2016 helmet by unveiling the most popular titles of the platform. A selection based not on sales but on the time spent on each game from October 13, 2016 to August 31, 2021, not to mention The Playroom VR .

The other announcement that will not go unnoticed, it is the presence of three PS VR games in bonus in the PlayStation Plus subscription from November. More information Coming soon, we are told. As a reminder, Sony Interactive Entertainment had sold more than 5 million PS VR in the world in January 2020.

PlayStation VR games most popular in the world

Ranking by region

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